About us

R elaxed S ailing was founded in 2014.
The team is active in yacht transport over water, boat maintenance, nautical training and nautical events.

The origin of the company goes back over 20 years, the many years that we have been active in water sports. For example, our experience derives from sailing on the brown fleet, assisting skippers during transport, race sailing, being a harbour master, servicing boats, and crossing seas and oceans. As friends and sailors, we decided to do start our own business in 2014. Not only because we have a passion for sailing, but also because we were more frequently asked to assist boat owners in the transportation and maintenance of their yacht.

When transporting your boat, we are insured!


Throughout the years we have been the only supplier in the Netherlands to gather a wide team of skippers and professionals to realize our promise around us to realize the above.
And provide our services for:

  • private yacht owners,

  • estate agents,

  • yacht yards that offer this as a service,

  • yacht yards that offer pick-up and return service after damage repair,

  • skippers or holidaymakers who rent a boat,

  • events compagnies and, sloop skippers,


R elaxed S ailing is based on the following values:

Pleasure of owning and sailing a yacht without having to worry about the additional matters. Therefore, we offer services such as maintenance and transport;

Observe safety regulations and a reliable transport of yachts. We practice what we preach, follow up on agreements and work out the best options in consultation with you;

Provide financial security through insured transportation of yachts in order to reduce the risk for both the yacht owner and the skipper;

Care for your yacht. We deliver the yacht Insured, Clean and Tidy.